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May 26, 2016
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    SpidaTrap - A new way to catch and kill spiders - get rid of spiders today!

    Scared of Spiders? Me too ........ that's why I invented ......

    The SpidaTrap

    At last ....a spider trap that helps you catch spiders - invented by an arachnophobe for the arachnophobe!

    SpidaTrap is basically a system of long spider traps that are laid end to end to create a barrier surrounding the arachnopobe whether they be in bed or watching tv or reading a book etc etc.

    The trap design allows a spider to walk onto the trap until it becomes stuck in the glue but then the sloping non grip sides prevent it from getting purchase on the carpet and dragging itself free. (see diags showing the trap and positioning of it)

    As spiders are primarily nocturnal creatures the traps only need to be laid out at night and then stored during the day.

    The scariest spiders are the ground dwellers which are much bigger than their smaller and more delicate web building cousins . The ground dwellers are in most cases to big to climb smooth walls and usually fall off and as we all know sometimes land in the bath. They are also the ones that run unbelievably fast and can change direction instantly. SpidaTrap stops these spiders in their tracks eliminating their unpredictability , speed and movement.

    The easiest way to use the traps are to lay them end to end across a room or doorway at night and see what you have caught the next day.

    I left barriers of traps across my kitchen floor for 48hrs when I was away for a weekend and on my return I found 18 spiders (yes 18), 2 centipedes, an earwig and a moth??? . I was particularly shocked because as an arachnophobe I always kept my house clean and as I wrongly thought spider/insect free.

    I now take a few boxes with me if I am on holiday or staying at someones house.

    You can never be too careful and it is my philosophy to get them before they get you.

    The trap will also catch all the insects and bugs that people say are the reason we need spiders in our house in the first place. Idiots


    "We are majorly impressed with the traps, we caught 8 big spiders in the space of three days! Shudder! So a huge thank you from the household."

    Lesley Davis.


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