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May 25, 2016
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    Cautions - SpidaTrap - Cautions

    Cautions regarding Trap usage

    • Never place traps at the top of stairs or steps.
    • Using the traps during the day is done so at your own risk as you are increasing the chance of someone standing on one.
    • Never use traps when pets are in the room.
    • If a pet is accidentally caught then pour some cooking oil onto the glue around its feet then after a few minutes gently pull the trap off and wipe the foot with a cloth. If you are unsure take the animal to a vet .
    • Do not allow children to use or play with traps.
    • Always place traps where they can be easily seen.
    • Never use traps outside in case the catch other creatures.
    • Do not place the traps in direct sunlight. The glue will turn yellow if exposed to direct sunlight and become inefficient.
    • We do no recommend that you attempt to pick up or dispose of a trap that has a known deadly spider on it. call a pest control company and let them handle it.
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