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May 27, 2016
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    Instructions - SpidaTrap - Instructions

    1) Peel Back Release Paper
    (keep release paper so that it can be reused for storing the traps during daylight hours)

    Peel Back Release Paper

    2) Join as many traps as you like together to create your barrier

    Join Traps together

    Barriers may then be arranged to suit your requirements . The most efficient way is to bridge the traps from one wall to another eliminating the possibility of anything  getting through a gap. (see the examples on the right) Personally I have found that if I just cover every doorway (with the doors open) at night I not only catch all the spiders but can see which rooms may be giving them access from outside. One box of 10 will cover five doorways.


    The SpidaTraps will not work efficiently if they are just laid down individually, they must be used to create a solid barrier with no gaps.

    3) When you catch a spider, fold the trap longways to squish it!  Or if you want to continue using the trap you can kill the spider with a preferably long instrument and scrape it off.

    3a) If you are completely insane and want to release a caught spider then applying cooking oil directly onto the glue around its feet will slowly break the bond. This is also the best way to release any other objects that become stuck like you or an unfortunate pet (which should never have been allowed anywhere near the traps). The oil will destroy the glue and the traps will have to be binned.

    Fold Trap to kill spider

    4) To create a 90 degree angle for going round bed's or desks, etc (as per the image below) please follow these instructions.

    90 degree angle


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