Hilong Group Center for Enterprise Technology recognized as National Center for Enterprise Technology

Date 2023-02-24

(February 24, 2023, Shanghai) Recently, the 29th batch of new certifications and a list of all National Centers for Enterprise Technology was jointly issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of Customs and the State Administration of Taxation. The Hilong Group Center for Enterprise Technology was among the centers designated as a "National Center for Enterprise Technology."
The National Center for Enterprise Technology is an important element in constructing China's technological innovation system. Being identified as an enterprise technology center involves an evaluation that covers the center’s innovation input, innovative talent, technology accumulation, technology output, innovation platform, and innovation benefits. The evaluation identifies qualified centers with good innovation ability, solid innovation systems, remarkable innovation results, and great effect in terms of leadership and demonstration. The identification process encourages and guides enterprises that are backbones in their respective industries to drive industrial technological progress and boost their innovation capabilities. It also leverages the critical and demonstrative role of enterprises in technological innovation.

From the time Hilong built its first technology R&D center in 2003, to its establishment of a technology innovation strategy, and now the recognition it has received as a National Center for Enterprise Technology, Hilong has always adhered to the promotion of sustainable development for enterprises through technological innovation. It has continually focused on major product technology innovation and scale application and established a scientific R&D project management system and a perfect innovation incentive system. Furthermore, Hilong has achieved continuous breakthroughs in the industry’s core key technologies and developed new products and advanced technologies. Specifically it has produced achievements in the wide application of its "high-intensity, high-sulfur-resistant, high torsion-resistant" new oil drilling tool series, oil well pipe coating series and wear-resistant band series technology products in major domestic and foreign oil fields. It has promoted the development of pipeline integration technologies such as pipeline intelligent inner inspection technology, intelligent inspection patrol technology, pipeline anti-corrosion and counterweight, and pipeline integrity management technology, etc. and facilitated the gradual high-quality development of oilfield intelligent technology services and offshore engineering technology services.
Upon being recognized as a National Center for Enterprise Technology, Hilong Group released the following statement:
Hilong has been a firm adherent to a development strategy centered on scientific and technological innovation, which has garnered the company fruitful technological achievements and remarkable economic benefits. Its identification as a National Center for Enterprise Technology represents the full affirmation of China and the market for Hilong’s achievements and contributions in the areas of science and technology innovation over the past 20 years. This recognition also strengthens Hilong's confidence and determination to lead the development of enterprises by leveraging technological innovation strategies! With the care and support of the government at all levels, Hilong will leverage its role to lead and demonstrate as a national enterprise center in the future. It will, continue to build upon its construction of a scientific and technological innovation system and create a better atmosphere for technological innovation. Finally, we will continue to enhance the training of technical research and development talent teams and continuously improve our ability to transform technological achievements, thus contributing to producing further value for users, providing benefits for enterprises, and assisting with social development!

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